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In the early 90’s computers & computer networks started to become more relevant in the workplace. You started to see them at every office desk & used for multiple types of businesses. It was then, that Gary & LeAnn Crawford saw the strong need for someone who had the knowledge and know how of setting up computers & computer networks for small businesses within the Treasure Valley.


Gary had been doing network consulting as a side job for a few years, it was something that he both enjoyed and had a natural skill for. After much praying and soul-searching, they felt God was moving them to start their own business. It was a risk since they had a family to provide for, but they took that leap of faith.  After incorporating to Crawford Network Consulting Inc. (CNCI) in April of 1994, Gary began picking up more work and soon it became evident that he would need additional help. So, LeAnn quit her job to help run the business side of their new company.


They have been blessed, over the years, to be able to add both their children, Justin and Janette, as a network tech and an office administrator to help keep up with the continuing growth and demands of the business.


It truly is a family business, and they all feel fortunate to be able to help the Treasure Valley’s small businesses with their computing needs.

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